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Every day is a challenge in the staffing industry, it's pretty hard to keep up with the growing demands for external and internal employees, and to place them in areas where they're needed. But Stafflist offers its own set of features that simplifies workforce management, data consolidation, communication between the stakeholders, and much more.

Here are the 14 reasons why you should opt for Stafflist:

1) Mobility

It's not humanly possible to be in front of documents or a PC at all times. Imagine a scenario where some information needs to be accessed urgently, and you're not near your regular system. What do you do? Stafflist tremendously helps if you prefer working from a non-office space and want to have an overview of the staff and their status quickly. Stafflist is a software that is available 24/7 from any corner of the world and can be accessed on a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. And that's not it - all the updates you get are in real-time.

2) Data Storage

The bandwidth of data storage starts from 10 GB to 200 GB or more, depending upon the plan you choose. If you require more space to consolidate all your data, you can go for the enterprise plan that grants you unlimited storage space. When you store your data online, you minimize the burden of your hard disk and save the necessary disk space that is required for the overall optimization of your primary system. There's also always the fear of losing data on the hard-disk in case it crashes. So, saving your data on Stafflist will prevent the loss of your precious data.

3) Pocket Friendly

Our pricing for small, medium, large, and enterprise businesses is easy to afford. At a very reasonable fee per month, a company can avail of a plethora of perks that will empower its workforce management system and the communication amongst its stakeholders. If you feel the need to have additional features, it can be bought at a minimal price. Plus, the 'Cost Approval' power-up of Stafflist will allow users to keep a tab upon the expenditure within the software.

4) Privacy & Protection

Stafflist ensures a safe data transfer process that is encrypted. We understand the fragility of the online world and how easy it is for important data to get leaked. There are viruses and harmful malware that loiter around and make data stored online quite vulnerable. Hence, we layer your data with the best protection and privacy.

5) Communication

Communication is an integral part of the success of any organization. In the staffing industry, the companies, mass vendors, and staff need to be in sync. Concerning the open job slots, all the stakeholders should be aware of what's going on. If the involved parties do not stay in the loop, there will be unavoidable confusion that will negatively impact the flow of staffing.

Stafflist not only aids communication, but it also enhances it. With real-time updates, you can get informed about the status of the open job slots on the go. Whether you wish to know about a staff's availability or their qualification, it's all just one click away. From the point where a vacancy is declared to the point where the vacant spot is filled, everybody will be able to be on the same plane of information.

6) Easy Transition

Switching from one software to another isn't an easy task. It takes months or even years to integrate new software into your staffing system. Often, changes in the paradigm set-up of a company can seem pretty daunting. The organizational processes get a new facet, which the employees have to embrace. But with Stafflist, the time consumed in the transfer is way shorter, and the onboarding to the software is easy.

7) Unique Experience

Stafflist is an all-rounder and comes with a combination of tools that's unmatched by others in the market. The scope for meticulous customizations further enhances the uniqueness of the software. We enable you to enhance your strategic plan for your staff and their tactical implementation. From front-end to back-end, our team devotes itself to help you reach your goals and stand tall in the market.

8) User-Friendly

The functionality and user-interface of Stafflist can be understood even by a layman. You do not need prior knowledge of excel or harbor any other technical knowledge to master the software. The design is innovative and engaging, and it breaks the monotony of any other conventional software by giving a chance to the users to change the colors, and arrangements of the departments within the organization.

9) Flexibility

Operation, administration, productivity, security, and support are the areas that Stafflist covers. It grants you the ability to increase or increase the number of jobs you want to have, the number of users, companies, and personnel who you wish to involve. On top of that, according to your necessities, power-ups can also be added. The companies also get to integrate the employee's qualifications into the system. The data storage capacity, accounts, and support level can also be determined by the users. All in all, this kind of flexibility keeps the overall management of your staff simple, non-overwhelming, and structured, exactly the way you want it.

10) Environment Friendly

Papers are so old school and not good for the environment. So, if your organization wishes to go green, and save some trees - it's wise to switch from sturdy, overwhelming documents and turn to Stafflist. We compile all of your precious data in one place, and you needn't worry about its safety, as it's our priority.

11) Time-Saving

The management systems of yesterday will kill the work culture today. That's the harsh truth that we cannot brush off. Even though the traditional recruitment methods served quite well in the past, it can be 10 times better now. The old ways of staffing are time-consuming and aren't so kind to the wallet.

When you have such innovative and creative technology at your disposal, why not use it? A lot of time gets wasted in posting and receiving applications and then it's selection. And let's not forget the time wasted in communication. With Stafflist, you can bid farewell to the old ways and let there be software that handles all of these tasks in one place.

The time you save with Stafflist can be utilized elsewhere, like getting an early weekend, or perhaps paying attention to other important tasks at hand.

12) Language

Right now, we have German and English as the default language options for Stafflist. But upon your request, we can change it to any language you want and are comfortable with.

Having an option for multiple languages drives effective communication between the stakeholders and helps to develop professional relationships.

If you've got a team that belongs to different countries or speak other languages, the flexibility of language will be good for improving diversity within the organization and will push away any issues that could be caused by a lack of understanding of the default language. You would want to have software that supports multilingualism and Stafflist exactly provides that. The integration of our software will give the users a very open-minded perception of your company because it indicates that you respect and nurture different cultures.

13) Diverse Industries

Stafflist isn't limited to just one industry. Whether you come from an IT background or Entertainment background, the bandwidth of industries that Stafflist helps is limitless.

According to research, 87% of organizations around the world treat diversity as their stated value or priority area for their companies and we are no different. Having a diverse customer base gives us an instant lift within the staffing industry. And we're well-equipped to deal with and solve the staffing problems that each industry comes with.

14) Stakeholder Management

Stafflist enables everybody involved in the staffing processes, to have the liberty to access the software, meaning, the organizations, mass vendors, and staff can use the software.

Information regarding the stakeholders can be gathered and stored in one place, which makes the purpose, scope, risks, and approach towards staffing much more well-organized, planned, and let's not forget it makes the whole workflow and operation faster.

Stakeholder management is an important part of HR management. It creates better working conditions which will lead to an improved company. A company that has developed a stakeholder management policy will have a lot of value. It's significant for organizations to have a model that allows them to evaluate the different areas of staffing. Stafflist is a tool that can easily overview, manage, and evaluate a company's performance, in the context of the workforce.

Not sold yet? (Contact our sales team)[] or (try out Stafflist now)[], and see for yourself how beneficial it is to your organization.