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We, at Stafflist, have introduced a new pricing system. Before this, we offered a pay-per-use approach but now it’s even better. There are now customized plans for small, medium, large, and enterprise businesses, respectively. It caters to your different needs based on your company's size and specific demands.

Vacancy management, shift management, agent management, personnel administration, data storage, and various modules for your requirements are just some of the many benefits which Stafflist provides you with. It is a software that makes your company's management system easy and efficient. The best part? It's pocket friendly.
Why did we change our pricing?
We heard you weren't happy with our previous pricing so we re-designed it! Starting from the different prices we hopped onto creating plans that would enable you to compare easily and choose the package you want. This is necessary as start-ups function differently than fully developed companies, which usually need an enterprise-ready structure. 

This led us to make the following changes in the pricing plan:

Add An Extra Job Slot:

Let's assume you've chosen a pricing plan. But after a while, you used up all the job slots included within this plan. So what now? You can easily increase it by buying new job slots for a set price per job which we will deduct when your monthly plan ends. This boosts your flexibility and allows you to broaden your company’s size without a dramatic hike in monthly costs.
This feature is ideal for developing companies as it helps them to cut down on excessive costs, yet makes space for newcomers! 

Add An Extra Power-Up:

‘Power-Ups’ are Stafflist’s add-ons which include whitelist, staff filter, vacancy history, shift planning, cost approval, email notifications, and reporting. These features further enhance your workforce management system, and add a stronger dimension to the software. 
A minimum number of Power-Ups come with each plan, but if your company requires more, you can easily add them for a small fee!

This gives you the freedom to customize your own plans, based on your niche requirements. These tools have been designed to track, analyze, calculate, and filter the staff. 

Get Overview of The Pricing Plans:

All the details you need about the plans are now consolidated in one place. You can easily get an overview of each plan and you'd know what to expect from each of them.
In each pricing plan, you can have a run-through of all the tools that are included and excluded, for operation, administration, productivity, security, and support.

Desktop & Mobile Version:

Stafflist can now be used on the go! Along with the desktop version, we have set-up a mobile version too, that will allow you to keep an eye on your company's workforce, from anywhere, at any time. 
Having a mobile version of our software will help your company attract and retain talented candidates. It will also benefit large organizations by granting them the freedom to multitask, maintaining stability and safety, improving departmental communications, and also by assisting in the overall workforce support system. 

Free Trial for 30 Days

To introduce new software to a company is never an easy task. But the good news is:

You can try Stafflist for 30 days. Another good idea is to use it in one of your departments before entirely integrating it into your company. Once it’s established its presence can evolve with your company’s growing demands.
Let us know!
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