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The Sci-Fi movies you once loved, may not be just fiction anymore! Read this article to find out how the integration of Artificial Intelligence in the staffing industry is and will turn around the existing recruitment dynamics of the world.

If a century ago, you would have told some people that there will be self-driving cars, facial recognition systems, and robots with a personality in 2021 - they wouldn't have believed you. And how could they? The pace at which technology has developed over the years has been pretty uncanny. Are we sure that some scientists didn't get abducted by aliens and were given exclusive information about digitizing our society as a whole? Why, do I ask this question? Because Artificial Intelligence, which we so admired in Sci-Fi movies is now gaining popularity in different spheres of life for different reasons and the staffing/recruitment industry is one of them. So, let's discover how exactly does AI play a role in the area of recruitment!

The Hiring Processes Get Much Faster

Hiring is faster when AI-based technology takes care of it. Why? Because human beings come with their respective working system, pace, and skills, and the time that is taken to hire new external or internal staff varies according to the mentioned factors, but AI, on the other hand, is programmed to screen, scan, and handle a lot of employees at the same time. It can go through more candidates in a short interval of time, as compared to human beings.

The Quality Of Candidates Significantly Increases

Staffing firms or the HR department of a company can fetch more data with AI, which further makes evaluation much more efficient. The more information you have about a candidate, the more you can be sure about his/her/their quality as an employee. A lot of AI-based solutions are emerging with exclusive algorithms that help in getting the measure of the skills and experience of prospective candidates.
The Rise Of Unbiased Hiring Decisions

Consciously or subconsciously, human beings are bound to be judgmental. There is always going to be some bias if human beings have to choose a candidate. But with the involvement of Artificial Intelligence, this bias gets obliterated. Candidates get picked solely based on the criteria that the company has programmed into their AI solution. It only locks on candidates whose skills match the job requirements & level. It is comparatively much more ethical and fair.

The Psychological Analysis Of Candidates Also Becomes Easier

There are advanced AI-based platforms out there, which study facial expressions, body language, eye movements, choice of words, pronunciations, and more. It's almost impossible for humans to know a person from just one or a few interviews. They would judge candidates based on what they project and what they project can be dishonest, and this dishonesty can hinder a company's growth in the long run.

It Can Handle A Large Amount Of Candidates At The Same Time

More than permanent employment, temporary employment requires Artificial Intelligence more. Why is it? Did you ever wonder? Because temporary workers are needed regularly and in a lot of numbers, and for human beings to evaluate these candidates efficiently & quickly is quite a task. An AI-based software requires only a few seconds to inspect large amounts of data and provides plausible results to the final decision-makers. The amount of time, money & resources that are spent by people to hire temp workers will be significantly minimized, and they can pay attention to other loftier issues.

The Combination of AI & the IoT

When when you bring Artificial Intelligence & the Internet of Things together, you give a boost to your staffing process's digital intelligence. It doesn't only help with analyzing and choosing the best candidates but also identifies and brings a staffing firm's attention to the little details & issues in the staffing procedure that harm the overall performance of a staffing firm. These details can often be missed by humans and would take them a much longer time to detect. The ineffectiveness of the existing process is brought into prominence along with a solution, for a better output. So, along with operational hurdles, it also hikes the fruitfulness of a company by gathering large sets of data via IoT devices.

The Boost In Data Security

Artificial Intelligence paired with the Internet of Things strengthens the overall security of the staffing industry, as they can predict and sense potential threats, hazards, risks, and dangers when it comes to the safety of a staffing company. The employees also tend to feel secure in the environment that they work in, and know in the back of their minds that with the incorporation of AI and IoT, their information, data and work is secure. And once again, working in such a safe environment enables the employees to work stress-free and yield better results for the company.

It Helps In Understanding Customers/Clients Better

Now that we're done with talking about the procurement and safety of the staff, let's talk about the prospective clients and customers. When human employee converses with an organization that requires external or internal staff, they go through a elongated and tedious process. And factors such as the employee's emotional intelligence, intellectual capacity, and judgment can waver, depending upon the framework of their minds during the conversations.

Artificial Intelligence collects customer's data (with permission, of course) to determine their exact needs. It fetches meaningful insights when it comes to the customer's niche needs, preferences & patterns. It aids human employees to deliver the best services & products to their clients and honing the overall customer experience.

The Criticism

Even though the integration of Artificial Intelligence in the recruitment industry seems like the ultimate solution, there are a few things that we can't ignore :

A lot of people will lose their existing jobs.

There is a lot of skepticism about it as some believe that a human would understand another human better, as compared to a machine.

The personal touch will minimize, and factors such as customer loyalty & trust will subside, as some customers or clients prefer the angle of emotions rather than only data, even if it means low efficiency and imperfect results.

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