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To know where and what your money is being invested in is important. 'Cost Approval' is a power-up that allows you to overview your payment, regarding the extra job slots, before it's made. Read this article to get the details.

Companies would want to stay in the loop when it comes to staying up to date about their overall expenditure in tools for management. The budgeting can only be proper when you know where and what your company is investing in.

Each of Stafflist's pricing plan comes with its own set of job slots, but if you require more than the ones provided by default, you can buy it for a little over €1,00, depending upon how large your organization is.

For example, if you put in a job for 60 days, that will cost you x60 more. In some tools, you get informed about this amount at the end of the month. But with Stafflist, you will get notified beforehand.

Before buying another job slot, and creating a vacancy, you will be asked for a green sign or approval of the cost before you carry out the payment.

This feature is a power-up and is very helpful for the financial aspect of your company. Imagine being in the dark about this whole thing, only to be bombarded with an alarmingly large amount for the job slots you bought. That's why we've kept it transparent.

When you select a plan, you receive information about how many jobs you can avail, how much you have used, and how many you have left to utilize.

This helps you a lot if your organization's financial department likes to plan ahead. For example, 1 job for 1 month is equal to 22 days = 22 jobs. 22 jobs for 3 months summarizes to 66 jobs. And if you plan not only for 1 job but for 100 that can be quickly calculated too. But in that case, as we charge per month you’ll have to pay 6600 euros.

The entire team should stay alert about the cost, and you can assign this power-up to specific people in your organization who handle the money matters.

We understand that it's easy to lose clients because of the slight increase in overall cost, that they didn't want in the first place.

We wish to do what is best for both your business and our business. Hence, at the time of buying a job slot, you will be aware of what to expect with the pricing. You get a notification with the job breakdown and how much you'll be charged for each job.

When we roll out your updated cost, it helps you operate efficiently. The details and honesty keep the relationship between you and Stafflist healthy, with no hidden prices and agendas.

That's not it.

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Try out Stafflist, and empower your organization's staffing processes.