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Say hello to one of our Power-Ups called 'Staff Filter'. It's an extremely useful add-on that helps you to explicitly assign or block staff from specific projects or departments. It doesn't leave any room for confusion when it comes to assigning or withdraw staff. Let's dive into the other benefits of this feature of Stafflist:

1) Blocking

What if you want to block particular employees out of a project? Based on forte and skills, what if you want there to be clear segregation or division of your employees, in different departments of your company?

'Staff Filter' helps you plan the placement of your staff & enables you to create professional boundaries between departments.

You might also come across situations in which an employee just does not 'fit' into a department. With this power-up, you can swiftly transfer him/her to another section. And whenever you want to staff this particular department again, the 'blocked' employee won't appear as an option.

2) Assigning

Perhaps, there's a candidate that you'd like to see working in only one particular department - with the 'Staff Filter', you can quickly move this candidate away from the other departments and assign him to a very specific one. This employee just may be more valuable to you in this project and not the others. Doing this would help you stop any inference from their availability.

3) Flexibility

The 'Staff Filter' lets you decide how you want to filter. You can select the top tier project and filter everything below out. Or you can choose only one or two projects somewhere along the hierarchical tree, again filter out entire branches or only single projects. However you decide, it's doable.

4) Communication

You can use this power-up in several ways, and it helps you when it comes to communication as well. How? When you've filtered out the employees who aren't fit for one department, you can quickly overview the available options and contact them through email or call, or just simply assign them to a particular department, if they are available.

Both parties stay in the loop of what's going on. If you opt for this feature, you can inform your employees about it too, so that it's clear to them which departments they're assigned to and not assigned to. 

One Caution.

Using the power-up can really charge up your projects. It helps to streamline processes and workflows. However, please be aware that depending on the field you are working in there might be working regulations in place that will prohibit you to use this power-up.

The best option would be to get in contact with HR and see, what they have to say about this.

Other power-ups

The 'Staff Filter' paired up with the 'Whitelist' power-up is a vigorous combination of tools that will help you properly divide and isolate employees in different departments, to enable your work processes to run smoother. To remove any disruption or distraction in the staffing segment, these tools will come in handy! Don't forget to check out Stafflist's other add-ons.

Have questions? Contact us!

If you'd like to find out more about the 'Staff Filter' or one of the other power-ups always feel free to drop us a line or talk to us here.