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Stafflist wants to help in these times. We have thought about what we can do – and we've found a partner with whom we want to join forces. Here's how that is going to look like.

Stafflist & Covid-19

Covid-19 aka the new corona virus has paralysed Germany for almost four weeks now. Four weeks during which companies and individuals were struggling to survive emotionally and economically. And so did we. Our original financial plan has been suspended. As a startup, this of course is a special situation. We do not yet have a past with a substantial and already monetized income – we have been self-sustaining so far. And now, of all times, we're ready! We have set up a small campaign and wanted to let the world know that we and our software exist. But what sense does that make, if every company has to fight anyway?

Change of direction

After we had clarified our financial situation, we looked around to see what is currently moving the business world and if and where we could help. For example, what struck us were the short-term changes in the supply of temporary workers read at New conditions for the occasional supply of temporary workers are set in place. (Text referring to BMAS – the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.)

We got a lot of attention, because Stafflist with its solution helps to temporarily transfer the employees of one company to one or more other companies.
And vice versa: companies can enter their requirements in Stafflist, so that service providers commissioned by them can take care of staffing the shifts with personnel from third-party companies. Everything is DSGVO-compliant, not public and without Excel.

Software but no recruiter

One obstacle: Stafflist helps to manage the data, but as of now does not offer a service as a recruitment agency or neutral vendor. This might change some day, but for now we want to concentrate on the software. We have therefore asked around and found a partner in Staffhero, who will take care of all companies for now. Staffhero will manage supply and demand, match the staff with the requirement profiles and take care of communication.

Together we created the site, where we offer all interested companies to contact us directly.

Stafflist until 30.06.2020 free of charge

If you already do or plan to do something similar yourself, you can use Stafflist without the help of Staffhero. We offer the use of Stafflist until 30.06.2020 for free. Every company that uses Stafflist until then will get special conditions from us afterwards.

We have an open ear for your concerns

We cannot say whether Stafflist makes sense for you or your company. But we would be more than happy to talk to you about which setup will be the best in your case. The best way to reach us is via contact form, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stay healthy!