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Efficient companies use Stafflist for fast recruitment

Decisions in HR are made faster with Stafflist, because curated personnel suppliers can react immediately to needs with external employees.

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Stafflist Overview

Fast is efficient

The own platform helps companies to find the right specialist from their pool of personnel suppliers. Fast, transparent and simple. So they can find the right employees at the right time.


Information for all

Stafflist gives all participants the information they need in a coordinated manner: bookings, capacity utilization, reporting. For controlling, employees, main supplier and subcontractor at the same time. Optionally also by SMS and e-mail.


Cooperation everywhere

Stafflist helps to unite all forces. While customers are entering their jobs, the main supplier and subcontractors start to fill them and send their employees to the respective departments. Thus, demand can be covered 24/7 around the clock, worldwide.

They continue to use their own HR software, connect to Stafflist - and everyone knows about it

Stafflist integrates itself harmoniously into existing control and planning software - and that during operation. Thus the efficiency increases immediately noticeably! Processes run in the background, everyone sees the demand in the front.

  • API for various requirements
  • High safety concept
  • Optional own webfrontend
  • SaaS or On-Premise
  • Continuous data flow
  • Support for Compliance
  • Data resistance possible
  • Special API key management

Get more out of your current software

Stafflist helps to extend your existing software by helping to make only the important information accessible to everyone.
Save yourself the time to switch windows, write e-mails, send lists and collect information from all participants.