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Stafflist Logistics
Piece by piece - logistics personnel when it has to fit
  1. Personnel planning with foresight
  2. Filling vacancies faster
  3. Access to accredited personnel
  4. Real-time reporting
  5. Seamless Integration
  6. Location-independent cooperation

This is Stafflist for Logistics

Personnel planning with foresight

In the calender view of Stafflist you have complete overview of all your fulfilled and unfulfilled vacancies.

Filling vacancies faster

With Stafflist your are empowered! With a glance you can decide if a booking is required and choose the right vendor. Stay ahead in your personnel logistic.

Access to accredited personnel

All personnel profiles in the system are accredited and therefore suitable for your individual staffing bottlenecks. Optionally, attributes can be defined per profile can be assigned for better classification.

Real-time reporting

Need to generate a quarterly report ? its possible with the push of a button! Comparative analysis can be done at your convenience.

Seamless Integration

Stafflist integrates seamslessly with your existing MIS. You will see a spike in your efficiency for your Mplans.

Location-independent cooperation

As a cloud based software solution Stafflist.logistics worldwide 24/7 accessible.


With Stafflist we cast ourselves acute vacancies in our institution usually within an hour!
Wrong appointments? You can find them with us not anymore. Through Stafflist we automatically access the right caregivers
'I often have to create extensive reports at short notice –  &no problem with Stafflist'.
Sometimes I wonder why we don't have always worked this way.

About us

Our drive? To develop software solutions that are 100% oriented towards the needs of our customers. We do not question the complex processes in large organizations, but understand them and search for the perfect niche solution.

With Stafflist.Health, we fill a gap in recruiting and personnel planning in the logistics sector. The Software-as-a-Service solution is modularly expandable and can be implemented technically within a few days.